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Since 2009, our URL shortener platform has helped companies building efficient marketing campaigns.

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They trust us for creation
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We help private and public organizations from all sectors and sizes in the success of their web marketing campaigns.

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A SaaS platform hosted in
Europe and GDPR compliant

Personal data management infrastructures are hosted in the European Union and are processed by an in-house solution.

lc.cx is committed to protecting your data and that of your customers by guaranteeing full sovereignty of your data.

To meet your security requirements, our solution can be deployed on an alternative cloud service with dedicated resources.

A complete collaborative solution
for successful campaigns

Easy integration into digital media and communication tools.
Créer et partager facilement des liens réduits avec toutes vos communautés.

Shorten with your domain


Generate short links and personalized QR codes with your brand name. A simple DNS registration is all it takes for your domain to be supported by our platform. Our team is available to advise you on the choice and implementation of your domain name dedicated to URL reduction.

Using a dedicated domain name reassures your audience and can improve your CTR by up to 37%!

A URL shortener with advanced features


Our simple, intuitive interface lets you quickly build complex scenarios (mobile or geographic targeting, reduced link with expiration) to generate additional, significant impact on your campaign results. Manage your reduced links with management options such as tags and comments.

Our platform can be connected to external web marketing tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Adobe Campaign thanks to our API.

Create shortcut links as a team


Create shorts URL with separate permissions. Invite new members to join your workspaces by generating an invitation link. Manage the resources made available to your collaborators. All short links generated by your teams are centralized and accessible from your administration interface.

Workspaces give you the flexibility to compartmentalize your different activities, while facilitating team collaboration.

Web analysis platform


To better understand your users' behavior and improve your ROI, find all the essential data for your short URLs in the statistical reports with the main key performance indicators (visitors, source, origin, times, browsers...).

Create and export analytics reports over a defined period. Schedule reports to keep you informed about the performance of your short URLs.

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A QR Code generator
for all your short links

Create dynamic QR codes and change the destination URL at any time, thanks to integrated short links.

Be creative with QR codes customized to your brand image.

Our tool lets you adjust shapes, dot density and colors, and also add your logo to increase audience engagement.

In web or print format, your QR Code can be adapted to all your communication media.

A URL shortener
in your ecosystem

Simplifiez-vous la vie pour raccourcir vos URL ! Créer et partager vos contenus directement depuis votre navigateur via notre extension web.

Integrate our URL shortener easily into your production or project management applications.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, and it is even highly recommended to customize your shortened URL to get better results.

By using your domain name (for example: link.your-brand.com) in your campaigns, you increase the confidence of your users, who will be more likely to click on your links.

Yes, URLs shortened with our URL shortener tool do not have an expiration date. Our first short link, still active, dates back to 2009.

You can therefore use our service with the assurance that the links you create will remain functional.

Les réducteurs d'URL sont légion sur internet mais tous ne se valent pas et n'offrent pas les mêmes avantages de services. lc.cx offre de nombreuses fonctionnalités comparé aux autres services raccourcisseurs et réducteurs de lien.

Opting for lc.cx is the assurance :

  • an GDPR compliant shortcut management platform that respects customer data
  • advanced and innovative features to better respond to your customers' needs
  • be advised and accompanied in the achievement of your objectives
  • to use a secure platform

For 7 days, you can create custom short links with our branded domain lc.cx or your domain name as well as use the advanced features.

After this period, your account will automatically switch to the Open offer.