Custom domains

Create short links while maintaining your brand image

Branded domains

A branded domain is a personalized domain name (or sub-domain) corresponding to your company and dedicated to the generation of short links.

It replaces the generic domain ( so that your audience can recognize your brand.

Example: your website is accessible via the address and you want to communicate with your customers via SMS and social networks with your brand.

By using our platform, you have the possibility to create short links :

  • with a sub-domain of your main domain:
  • with a dedicated domain:
  • or with a sub-domain

In short, the brand domain is an essential component for the success of your marketing campaigns.

Improve your conversion rate

By using a branded domain, you increase the confidence of your audience who will be more likely to click on your links.

For your marketing campaigns, creating short links with a branded domain helps improve your conversion rate.

Create a free account

Quick and easy to set up

A simple DNS registration is all it takes for your domain to be taken over by our services.

After that, all you have to do is create short links. We take care of the management and maintenance of the service (SSL certificate).

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Find the perfect branded domain

Just like the name of your company or your product, the choice of your brand domain is an important step and must be thought through.

As a reminder, an SMS is limited to 160 characters and a tweet 280. The objective is to make the shortest possible in order to save a maximum of characters.

Our recommendations for choosing your brand domain:

  • for a dedicated domain, find a combination between your brand and a domain extension (example:
  • for a sub-domain, opt for a single letter:
  • Or with sub-domain

To help you make the right choice, try our domain suggestion engine below. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in choosing your brand domain.