A comprehensive, intuitive platform for shortening URLs

Our solution helps you create high-performance web marketing campaigns

Generate personalized QR codes associated with a short link.

Measure the performance of your campaigns.

Workspaces to separate your activities.

One tool for all your needs

  •  Customized domains

    Shorten URLs using your domain name to guarantee the authenticity of your communications. Easy and quick setup with custom home page and page not found URL configuration.


  •   Path customization

    Generate short URLs with a customized path to increase your CTR. Use your keywords for immediate recognition by your target audience and edit the destination URL at any time.


  •  Analytics reports

    Statistical reports on all your short links with key metrics: source / city and country / equipment / operating system / browser / ISP / time of visit. Solution hosted in-house and GDPR compliant.


  •  Mobile targeting

    For your mobile marketing campaigns, create a unique shortcut link with customer smartphone detection. Ideal for redirecting your users to the dedicated store to download your application.


  •  Geographic targeting

    Create a dynamic shortcut link to redirect your audiences according to their geo-location. Redirect your users to a dedicated country page. No technical solutions required on the landing page.


  •  QR Code templates

    Easily create customized templates in your brand's colors. Add your logo and customize outlines and shapes to make your QR Code unique. Export your QR Codes in PNG or SVG format.


  •  Mass creation

    Reduce thousands of URLs at once by uploading a CSV file. Migrate and easily import shortened links from another platform.


  •  Visual links (meta OG)

    Improve your CTR by customizing the way your content is viewed by crawlers and shared on social networks by configuring meta OG tags.


  •  Expiration links

    Schedule an expiration date and, if necessary, setup an alternative destination to redirect the user when the date has expired.


  •  Bio site (links page)

    One single web page with all your social networks and custom links. Compatible with custom domains or sub-domains.


  •   Re-targeting pixels

    Easily set up pre-configured retargeting campaign codes. The code is loaded automatically when a user clicks on the short link.


  •  API

    Easily integrate our URL Shortener into your information system and applications. Generate an API key to access all your resources.


  •  Tags

    Associate one or more tags to your short links in order to facilitate searches.


  •  Notes

    Add a comment, visible to you and your colloborators, to each of your shortened links.


  •  Data export

    You're in control of your data! Export your statistics and short links from your account at any time.


  •  RGPD

    Your data is hosted in France and in the European Union to guarantee the security of your activities.


  •  Help Center

    All our articles to help you master all the features of our URL Shortener.


  •  Protection & reputation

    We continually deploy anti-spam mechanisms on our URL Shortener.


Advanced features for businesses

  •  Workspaces

    Create workspaces to separate your different activities. Assign custom domains and users to each workspace.


  •  Role assignment

    Invite your collaborators by granting them differentiated levels of access and modification rights.


  •  Activity and usage log

    Easily measure the usage of your workspace resources and monitor all user actions performed in the workspaces.


  •  Scenarios (automation rules)

    Create complex scenarios for your shortcut links by combining all available functionalities.


  •  Destination monitoring

    Receive e-mail alerts when the destination URL is unavailable or fails to return the expected response code.


  •  2FA mandatory

    Reinforce the security of your colloborator accounts by requiring double authentication.


Custom needs

  •  Automatic expiration

    Set an expiration date for all your shortened links to comply with your RGPD obligations.


  •  Dedicated SSL certificates

    For your personalized domain, we can install an SSL certificate generated by your services.


  •  Personalized follow-up and support

    Our team is on hand to support you every step of the way.