More than just a link reducer: an augmented link platform

Our platform of augmented links accompanies you in your marketing campaigns and helps you increase your ROI.

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Link Reducer

Share your content easily and quickly with your communities or for your SMS and emailing campaigns. Improve your CTR up to 34% by reducing your links with your brand domain.

  • Path customization
  • Mobile Targeting
  • Geo Targeting
  • Expiring links
  • Tags
  • Notes

Data reporting

Track and analyze your users' behavior. Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns with our analytics tracking.

  • Number of visitor(s)
  • Source of traffic
  • Devices used
  • Geographical origin

QR Codes 100% customizable

Posters, restaurant menus, access control, flyers, these small blocks of pixels invade our daily life.

Customize your QR codes to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Associate a short link and modify the destination to avoid reprinting.

Links page (micro site)

Put all your links on one page: a home page listing different links to your social networks or to custom pages.

Your entire web presence on one page: blog, social networks, online store, showcase site or product site.

  • 7 pre-configured links
  • Customizable links

Pixel Retargeting

Combine short links and retargeting to increase your brand's visibility by keeping it in the center of your targets' attention.

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Ads Pixel
  • Twitter Pixel
  • Linkedin Pixel


Create workspaces to compartmentalize your activities.

Invite your employees by granting them different levels of action rights to ensure the best teamwork.

  • Branded domains differentiated by workspace
  • Teammate management with role assignment


Integrate our service directly from your digital ecosystem.

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Scalable offers according to your needs

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0/ month
  • 100 short links
  • 1 branded domain
  • -


5/ month
  • 600 short links
  • 1 branded domain
  • -


10/ month
  • 2 500 short links
  • 3 branded domains
  • Analytics reports


49/ month
  • 20 000 short links
  • 5 branded domains
  • Analytics reports

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