Case study IT Telecom

How a major telecom player optimized its marketing campaigns with

A telecom operator was looking to boost its marketing campaigns, increase participation in competitions, and make its "Bons plans" promotions more interactive. To optimize the user experience and foster engagement, the company integrated the link reducer into its digital ecosystem, and chatbots into its marketing strategy.

The telecom operator faced challenges such as the need to make contests more accessible, simplify participation in "Bons plans" promotions, and improve communication with its customers to maximize the impact of its campaigns.

To meet these challenges, the telecom operator opted for, a link reducer and QR code specialist, to generate personalized short URLs and QR codes. These reduced links were integrated into SMS messages, promotional emails and chatbot interactions to simplify navigation and boost engagement.


  • More accessible contests and greater engagement
  • More interactive "Bons Plans" campaigns
  • Enhanced customer experience with chatbots and dynamic links
  • In-depth performance analysis