Transport Logistics case study

How a major transport company improved its parcel tracking with

A major transport and logistics company was looking to improve its parcel tracking process, strengthen communication with its customers, and optimize inventory management. Aware of the challenges posed by the complexity of logistical information, it decided to integrate the link reducer to simplify tracking via QR code and facilitate pallet and parcel labeling.

The transport and logistics company was facing challenges such as the need to provide tracking information efficiently to its carriers, to communicate rapidly with customers, and to simplify pallet labeling while optimizing inventory management.

To meet these challenges, the company chose link reducer and QR code specialist to generate QR codes linked to short, personalized URLs. These QR codes were used to track parcels and label pallets, facilitating the tracking of logistical information and communication with customers.


  • Improved customer experience
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Reduced errors and delays
  • In-depth performance analysis