Customer case: automotive and services

How a major player in the automotive industry modernized its customer communications with

A global automotive player was looking to modernize its BtoB marketing communications, increase the effectiveness of its promotions, and obtain more meaningful customer feedback via satisfaction surveys. Aware of the constraints associated with SMS and wishing to improve the user experience.

The automotive client faced a number of challenges, including character limits in SMS messages, the need to include links to special offers, and the difficulty of encouraging customer participation in satisfaction surveys. It was also looking for as much data as possible to help improve its performance.

To meet its needs, the customer chose to integrate into its SMS marketing campaigns, after receiving support and advice. Responding to different needs and offering the ability to generate short, customizable URLs, provide detailed analysis of user behavior in a secure and RGPD way.


  • Improved click-through rate
  • Increased participation in surveys
  • Increased sharing on social networks
  • In-depth performance analysis